Check Please! Downtown at Woody's

Check Please! Downtown at Woody's


Last week, Sid and I made a trip to Downtown Hartford to dine at the very popular hot dog restaurant, Woody's.  It was my first time there an I was extremely excited. This restaurant has been featured in many blogs and local magazines and most notably the popular Travel Channel show, Man Vs. Food.

There were so many options. Usually I'd try to find the spiciest item on the menu, as I am a heat seeker, but I wanted to give Woody's staple dog, the Deputy Dog,a try. The Deputy Dog is a freshly grilled hot dog in a wonderfully toasted bun, topped with a generous helping of pulled pork, covered in melty cheddar cheese, and finally topped with sweet BBQ sauce.

I'm just going to go ahead and say it: this was, without a doubt, the best hot dog I've ever had!

After chowing down, I had the opportunity to chat with Gary Wood, the founder and owner of Woody's. During our conversation, he provided a detailed history of the restaurant, what they consider their most popular dog, and even how they became a Dolphins themed restaurant, in the heart of Patriots country.

You can watch the interview below.