Ca$hout Without A Discount

Ok, this is not me bashing any other companies but this is how I kinda feel.

Sometimes, as a black community, we need to support black-owned businesses without it being for free or a discount. I know that Ca$out Kings isn't Nike, Jordan, Polo, or True Religion, but we offer a lot more to the people. You guys pay a lot, and I mean aloooootttt, for their products. But as soon as some of us here at Ca$hout ask you to buy some clothing, some of y'all say "Lemme get it for free" or "Where's the discounts at?". 

In order for a business to grow, people have to support from ground up. We are going to honor and give back to you guys, as a good business should, but we have to start somewhere. Now some things may seem pricey but compare it to all your favorite brands it is not all that bad. All we ask is that you guys support us to become a major brand in the city of Hartford, and also a major black business. Keep Ca$hing Out.