Check Please! Our Day at King and I Thai

Here at Ca$hout Kings, we're not just a clothing brand, we're a lifestyle brand! So it should be no surprise that we're checking out all the different facets that contribute to the lifestyle of a Hartford resident. I'm personally really big on food. I believe that good restaurants can really give a city or town life! I mean, who the hell doesn't like to eat?

So Donny and I caught up with Lily of the family owned King and I Thai in the Parkville neighborhood of Hartford. We got comfortable in the homey dining room setting, (the restaurant is actually on the first floor of a house) chatted a bit and she gave us a brief history of the restaurant.

CK: So how did this all get started?

Lilly: My father opened King and I Thai. We've been going for 20 years, 5 years at this location. I run this location and my sister runs the other location in Manchester, CT.

CK: What made you guys decide to stay in this location?

Lilly: We have really good clientele from both Hartford and West Hartford at this spot, since we're so close to the border.

CK: I noticed that the restaurant is a house. Do you occupy the entire house?

Lilly: No, we just occupy the first floor. There's two other families here. One on the 2nd floor and another on the 3rd.

CK: That sounds pretty neat. As for food, what would you say is your most popular dish?

Lilly: Definitely the drunken noodles (Pad-Keemao). Would you like an order of that?

CK: Sure!

Donny and I both received an order of their famous Drunken Noodles with a side of perfectly cooked Thai egg rolls and oh my goodness, it was delicious! These items as well as many other items on their menu are very affordable and served in very generous portions. This one meal was my lunch and dinner!

After finishing up, it's easy to see why they have regular clientele here. Who wouldn't wanna come back for taste of terrific Thai food? You all should definitely check this place out, if you haven't already. I know we'll be back. - Marjani Johnson